Why enter?

London Hilton on Park Lane | 15 December 2020


The National Recycling Awards 2020 is the perfect platform for you to showcase your product, team, organisation or partnership and be recognised as a leader in your field within the waste and recycling industry – and in the wider economy.

17 categories are available for 2020 and all are FREE to enter. You may enter more than one category if relevant.

Being shortlisted or winning a National Recycling Award can:

  • Raise your profile within the industry
  • Give new and existing customers confidence in your organisation
  • Help you differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Demonstrate that you are leading the way in waste management and recycling best practice
  • Showcase your organisation to stakeholders, customers and internally as a leader in the field
  • Offer PR opportunities both locally and nationally
  • Motivate your team

There are categories for all sectors within the industry, whether you are a manufacturer, recycling facility, consultancy, public sector or private organisation.

These awards recognise more than good practice: NRA winners are beacons for best practice/excellence in their respective sectors. They help to advance the sector.

For any entry enquiries, please contact Matthew Cameron on 020 3953 2082 email Matthew.Cameron@emap.com​

​Entry Deadline Extended to : 6 March 2020


Instructions for entrants:

  • Read and understand what the award is for, what the judges are looking for, and what the criteria are before completing the entry form. Ensure your entry form clearly answers all the criteria.
  • The summary is what the judges read first – this should clearly explain what you did, how you did it and what the impact was. The judges are all experienced in the sector and will respond better to clear factual presentations than PR hype.
  • Make sure you always provide evidence for any claims you make. Eg if you say recycling rates have increased, provide the figures for before and after the initiative. Provide the hard data, not just percentage changes.
  • Entries will be judged by the written submissions only, so ensure your entry form includes all your key information.
  • Don’t rush your entry: find out what information is needed, gather it, write the entry, check it for errors, ask someone else to read through it, then upload it.


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