Andrea Lockerbie, Associate Editor, MRW

14:15 - 14:35

Interview: Waste Not Want Not: A Collective Responsibility

Meet David, one of our industry’s most influential thought leaders on Waste in the UK, with a forward - thinking interview focal on the changing policy environment and updates on shifting waste infrastructure

Andrea Lockerbie, Associate Editor, MRW
David Palmer Jones, CEO, Suez Recycling and Recovery UK

14:35 - 15:00

Open discussion : Opportunities Arising from the China Ban

Now that China has decided they’ve had enough of our low-quality waste exports, it has prompted a nationwide wake-up call. In this session we explore raising standards in the UK waste system. Deborah will examine the impact on businesses here in the UK and will open the discussion to the floor, asking how this has affected your business’ directly. Addressing the investment gaps in alternative markets and opportunities this ban may present for British business.

Deborah Sacks, Waste & Resources Specialist, The Department for International Trade

15:00 – 15:40

Chat show: Redesigning Products in a Throw Away World & Changing Wasteful Thinking

We ask industry leaders to discuss what still needs to be done before the product reaches them, and how manufacturers can make a difference. In this session our group of experts will identify priorities, develop solutions and implement changes at scale – both within signatory organisations and by spreading new best practice across the UK. When it comes to “going green” the discussion will then further uncover some of the best ways we can develop sustainable skills and green culture

  • Simon Rutledge, Group External Affairs & Sustainability Manager, Biffa
  • Simon Ellin, CEO, The Recycling Association
  • Jeremy Blake, Head of Recycling Assets (Polymers), Viridor
  • Paul Vanston, CEO, INCPEN

15:40 – 17:55

Topic-specific roundtable discussions

Share best practice and develop your strategy with expert-led roundtables running in parallel will provide all participants with an opportunity to discuss their individual concerns. Meet experts and peers from your area of interest and discuss the issues that matter most to you.

15:40 - 16:10 Future Skills - Change the Outcome by Changing Behavior

Chaired by: Chris James, CEO, WAMITAB

Dr Ross Moloney FCILT, CEO, The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association

WAMITAB believes that the Resource Management sector must set out an ambitous skills plan...to not only attract the best talent at all levels but to ensure that skills play a critical part in the overall risk management of our sector. This session is designed to challenge, focus and put in place a commitment to 'do more' Ideas that the group are being asked to shape and discuss.

  • Create a Gold Standard model...what does it look like, what should it contain how could it benefit?
  • Procurement...should and if so, how and what is minimum standard required for agency labour on site? How can procurement teams play a more proactive role in setting the standards..Not qualified, No entry...
  • Maximising the levy, marginalised recruitment opportunities, investing in attracting the best talent...Competing with other sectors...Are we being left behind

16:15 - 16:45 Retailers going zero waste 

Chaired by Jessica Palalagi, Head of Waste, Marks & Spencer 

Meet Jessica, and hear her landfill free approach for the future at M&S. In this discussion we will learn how they are achieving zero waste to landfill through their operations strategy by improving resource efficiency, helping suppliers reduce and recycle, creating partnerships to help customers, and by putting the circular economy model into action 

16:50 - 17:20 Can consumers be persuaded to accept Pay as You Throw?

Chaired by Michael Bennett, managing director, Pelican Communications
Adam Reed External Affairs Director, Suez

With the introduction of PAYT in the States of Guernsey and increasing calls for residual waste charging to be introduced, this session will look at new research into consumers’ attitudes to PAYT and how they can be persuaded to accept charging.

17:25 - 17:55 Developing the optimum waste strategy - from producer to consumer

Chaired by James Beard, Head of Valpak Recycling Services, Valpak

How you manage your waste management strategy, the data and audit trail of materials moving from your premises to end market and ensuring you are making the most of this material while managing the risks


Closing remarks - Andrea Lockerbie, Associate Editor, MRW 

See you at the awards!

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